The Best! Ms. Riordan





Ms. Riordan is our Physical Education [P.E.] teacher. Ms. Riordan with Chickering ReportersSince we both love sports, we wondered what she has planned for us this year. Sit back, relax and get some popcorn while you listen to our chat with Ms. Riordan.

Reported by Grant and Hunter

4 thoughts on “The Best! Ms. Riordan

  1. Grant & Hunter,
    You were both awesome! I loved listening to you and learn about Mrs Riordan.
    Keep up the great work!
    xoxo Mom a.k.a. Mrs Sully 🙂

  2. Grant & Hunter,
    It was such a pleasure to sit down and chat with you two about physical education, sports, and our Chickering Winter Olympics! Your enthusiasm for “all things sports” is awesome! I certainly see a future for you both on ESPN…after your professional sports career, of course!
    Miss Riordan

  3. Grant and Hunter

    Thanks for interviewing Ms. Riordan! It was great to hear about her. I didn’t know she taught in Woburn.
    I can’t believe you remember so much from first grade Olympics!

    Dr. Reinemann

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