Busy Book Club

Do you like to read with your friends? Or do you like talking with other people in your group about books? Every two weeks, students in Mr. Wadness’ class are given a new book and new book groups are established. These are a couple books we are reading now:

hatchet Hatchet: Is about a Young boy Brian who is on a plane on his way to see his dad in California when the pilot has a heart attack.  The plane goes down and is left not injured but stranded!

Call It Courage: Is about a boy who is on a island with his friends and familycall it courage but it is hard because he is the youngest and afraid of water! he tries to show that he is not by going to sea in his boat with his dog Uri but hurricanes are close by. He ends up on a island where a tribe does their sacrifices ( the eaters of men) Mafatu knows because of the smoky islands about fifty miles away that’s where they live. If Mafatu is not quick with building a boat to get home he might be in trouble.

wargrandpaWar With Grandpa: Jack is a ten year old boy and his grandmother just died so grandpa is lonely and is moving in with Jacks family. But guess where he is going to sleep JACKS ROOM! Jack declared war.


The Cay: BOOM! A bomb just hit the boat that Philip and his mother are on.the cay Phillip falls off the boat and gets hit in the head with something. When he wakes up he is on a island with Timothy a older man.


holesHoles: A young boy Stanley Yelnats (Yelnats that is Stanley backwards) has been sent away to a boys detention camp for stealing a pair of shoes but he really didn’t. The detention camp he saw in his head was nothing compared to the real camp. It’s dry with nothing but holes everywhere. Stanley has to dig one hole each day, they have to be five feet wide and five feet deep but in the heat, will Stanley survive it? 

Mr.Wadness requires us to write book reports on our book so we can share what we think. Some people were given books that are too hard for them; therefore they weren’t able to finish the book.  These students did a book report on what they were able to read.  To help students, maybe when their books are too difficult, they could be given a different title to read.

We think book club is really fun because we all get to read and talk about what we read!!!!

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Ceci and Zoelle