Interviewing Mrs. Atkinson

Chickering Student Radio

 In this interview we talked and questioned Mrs. Atkinson, a 4th grade teacher at Chickering school,about what it is like to be a teacher, and how her classroom has changed since the past years she’s been teaching.

Reported by Saoirse & Sophia

Comparing Flexible and Regular Seating

Chickering Student Radio

Today in Chickering Student Radio we interviewed Mr. Wadness and Mr. Keohane about the difference between flexible seating and normal seating in school. They shared interesting information about the students’ thoughts on different types of seating. Overall their answers were informative and interesting.

Reported by Will and Ruthie

Ms. Parkhurst’s Job

Chickering Student Radio 

This podcast is about our previous Fifth Grade educational Assistant Teacher. We talk about how she got her job and what her dream job is.  Ms. Parkhurst’s dream job is to become a teacher. Hope you enjoy!

Reported by  Sam and Elaine


Chickering’s Gym Teacher

Chickering Student Radio 

Today we interviewed Ms. Riordan and learned a lot about her.  She is a very interesting gym teacher to learn about. We learned that she has been a gym teacher for another school, she loves her job, and more!  Clearly, we learned a lot from this interview.

Reported by Max and Caroline

Mr. Fraser the Laser!

Chickering Student Radio 

Our post is about our gym teacher Mr. Fraser. We learned a lot about him. We interviewed Mr. Fraser because he interests us. He interests us because he is a good athlete. We chose the name Mr.Fraser the Laser because when he throws a ball, it goes in a straight line like a laser. Another reason we interviewed him was that he plays sports just like us! Hope you Enjoy!

Reported by Matt and Patt


Discovering the Teachers’ Lounge

Chickering Student Radio 

This podcast is about the teachers’ lounge. We interviewed Mrs. Moran. We asked her some questions like is there food in the teachers’ lounge.
Teachers like the teachers’ lounge because they get a break from work. I hope you enjoy this podcast.


Reported by Rory and Mackie


Introducing Mrs. Riordan

Chickering Student Radio

Do you go to gym class? Here at Chickering School we practice physical education one or two times a week. Our instructor, Mrs. Riordan has an amazing job so we decided to talk to her and get the inside scoop on her job. We also used the power of green screen to create a typical gym class for you. Thanks for watching Chickering Reports.  We hope you enjoy.

Our interview with Mrs. Riordan:

Our gym class:

Reported by Bridget and Sofi

Ancient Dinosaurs

Image of the engraved rock outside Chickering School showing the name of the school and year 2001.Chickering Student

Explore the facts about some ancient creatures known as the dinosaurs. Dig through some of the things we say and be a listening paleontologist. Find some of the biggest and smallest dinosaurs and have a good time listening to and watching Ancient Dinosaurs!



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Reported by Max B., Max K., and Jackson

Ukraine and the Netherlands

Image of the engraved rock outside Chickering School showing the name of the school and year 2001.Chickering Student

We researched these two countries because these are our countries of origin. We have facts about the Netherlands and Ukraine that will teach you about our origins.  We hope you enjoy!


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Reported by Sammy and Freya