Field Day Yea!

Field day has happened.  It had lots of crazy games and there was LOTS of water. One of the best games we all played was kick-ball.  That was one game kids really wanted to do.  Field day was one of the things that kids in the whole school were looking forward to all year.  Field Day is one of the favorite school activities that happens every year.  We hope you enjoy our slideshow of a kick-ball game with fifth graders.

Reported by Christian and Colin

Mingle in the Middle School!!!

       Have you ever wondered what middle school is like or how a middle school student  feels about it.

       Well if  you have, there is a big difference between  Dover Sherborn Middle School and Chickering Elementary School.  We interviewed students about how they feel about middle school. We asked them about the lunches, lockers, classes, transition time, and after school curriculum’s, etc. 

       A girl’s perspective about the school: We interviewed  a 7th grade girl about middle school, and she says that she thinks the school lunches are better than the Elementary School’s lunches. She doesn’t always have time to go to her locker between classes, but that’s okay for her, because she makes morning binders and afternoon binders with all the things she needs for her next classes. She has time before her afternoon classes, to go to her locker and switch from her morning to afternoon binder.

       She is glad to have some of her friends on her team, so she can have more classes with them, and do homework together. She has also made some new friends, that she is now very close to, that she might not have been so close to before. She does field hockey with her friends as well. She likes her teachers, because they are very helpful, and fun to learn with. She loves the Middle School!

       A boy’s perspective about the Middle School: We also interviewed a 7th grade boy about the school, and he says that he likes the big food selection for lunches in the cafeteria.  He does like most of his classes, and he finds some of them interesting. He does not do any after school curriculum’s, but he likes the big selection: like chess club, glee club, track, ect.

We can’t wait to go to the Middle School next year!!

~ Brickley and Issy F

Bodacious Blogs

In school we have blogs, they are really cool. We write about upcoming things, like the Patriots’ games or Chickering School. We can write about anything we want to write about. We can also comment on our friends blog. We also have blogging buddies in China. We  have widgets, which are the things on the sidebars. Widgets like animals, Voki’s, and weather widgets are really fun.  Also ClustrMap is a widget where they show where the people who are commenting on your blog are. The interesting part of getting comments is that person could be anybody in the whole world!                                                                                                                                                              Question for Mrs. Chivarini:

Q. How did you find our China friends?

To listen to Mrs. Chiavarini’s answer, please click on the podcast below:

Mrs. Chiavarini Interview
Questions for Brett, Ellie, Erik, Elizabeth, and Catherine

Q. Do you like blogging, and why?
Q. How often do you blog?, how much do you do?
Q. How would you feel if your blog got deleted?, can you say more?
Q. From one to ten, how would you rate your blog?
Q. What is the main topic of your blog?

Student Blog Interviews

Blogging is a great way to show your creativity for all people to see. As you heard in our podcast, there were mixed feelings about blogging.  Please checkout our classroom Blog, which has links to our personal blogs at:

Reported by Jack, Nick, Brian, and Mitchell

Stupendous Support Staff

Who makes the floors shine everyday? Or who makes lunches for over 550 kids? Or how about who answers the countless phone calls everyday? These are the jobs of the Chickering Support Staff. They work long hours for the students and staff, and work hard at their jobs.

Head CustodianMr.Steve and the custodial staff work really hard to make the school look nice and clean. They also work in the summer and clean the rugs, wax the gym floors, and all other rooms in Chickering, to make sure they are clean when we come back each fall.Cafeteria Director 

     Ms Majkut and the cafeteria women get to school very early, everyday, to make lots of lunches for us. They work hard to make sure we have good, delicious lunches.

Secretaries     Mrs. O’Donnell and the secretaries answer all the calls in the daily operation of the school.  In the summer, the secretaries plan the class lists, order new school supplies, and send important notices for when we come back to school. They get over 50 phone calls everyday!

Here is our podcast with our interview with these super important people:

Support Staff Interview 

    As you can see, the Chickering support staff play a very important role at Chickering School. The next time you see them, be sure to thank them for everything they do, because they keep this school running smoothly.

Reported by: Alex, Anabel, Avery, Caroline W. and Maggie

Taiko Drumming

On May 23rd, 5th graders at Chickering pulled off a great performance on Taiko drums. Taiko drumming is a Japanese style of drumming. Ms Pappas, our music teacher had a meeting with the district music teachers and decided some of the curriculum for 5th grade would move to the middle school. So she had to think of a new project and someone suggested Japanese music; so that’s how she got the idea of Taiko drumming. Ms Pappas had to learn everything in order to teach the students. Ms Pappas would love to continue this unit but claimed that this assembly will determine if she will do this next year.

 Ms Pappas made 4 types of drums by herself, which are small white buckets, big blue barrels, white barrels and a humongous blue drum supported by a tall stand. Ms Pappas’ favorite drum is the blue barrels and an Indian drum.

Each class had its own signature color and Japanese name for their class group. Each class was split into 4 groups. We thought you would like to see a short movie showing the 5th graders playing a section they composed themselves.

 Taiko Drumming Video


Reported By Seika and Mariam

Fantabulous Field Day

    Field day is aKickballn outdoor activity that we have once a year. We do lots of different sports at field day. Each class plays two games of kickball against other classes in the grade. We also play tug-a-war, a scavenger hunt, lacrosse, and lots of other fun activities. It is usually an hour and a half long. 

 We have interviewed two students, Rachel H. and Jonathon M., asking what they like and dislike about field day. If you would like to listen to their answers, please clBean Bag Tossick below.
Field Day Interviews    

Field Day is a fun activity that we students have enjoyed. Thanks for reading our blog post.


~ Tara R., Grace D., and Caroline C.