A Priceless Proficient Principal

Chickering logoChickering School is a place where children learn, laugh, grow, care, and make a difference. When Dr. Nugent saw our mission statement she instantly knew this was the school for her and she was home.

We asked her a couple questions.  Her past includes many jobs such as, education for children from 5th to 8th grade. For a while she was an art teacher, a technology teacher, an English teacher, and a mathematics teacher. Click below for more information in her own words.
Dr. Nugent’s work experiences

So we can grow in our learning,  Dr. Nugent suggests that staff and faculty progress in their instructional practices. From our principal’s point of view, everyone should be responsible for their learning and enjoying each others’ company.

One of the many things she adores about Chickering School are the children and staff. Everybody is so nice to each other. She is so inspired by the children that she created an art gallery for 1st and 5th graders in her office. She has mounted strips, to display their artwork on the walls. Each month a class’ creations are presented on the wall. Dr. Nugent’s goals are to make sure every child improves in their academics and learns how to become a better person. We are so happy that our new principal Dr. Nugent can be a part of our school.

Reported By:

Elizabeth E., Tara, Laura, Madison, Julia, Melanie, & Molly.