The Lemonade War Has Begun

Chickering Student Radio

When Ms. Davies came to our school, we had a chance to talk with this amazing writer. Ms. Davies was at our school to talk to us about what  life is like as an author. We all loved having a famous writer come to our school.

Reported by Lyla and Sebastian

One thought on “The Lemonade War Has Begun

  1. Dear Lyla and Sebastian,
    How wonderful that you were able to interview Jackie Davies when she visited the school! She is a great author and love her presentations for students in the classroom. You asked wonderful questions of Ms Davies. You did a great job editing the interview and introducing each question.
    For your next interview, you might want to consider asking if you could take the author’s picture or include the book cover of the Lemonade War in your blog post. This will give your audience more information and provide an image to look at as they listen to the podcast. Ms Winters can help you locate a copyright free book image to use.
    I hope you are enjoying being a Chickering Reporter.
    Looking forward to reading/listening to your next post,
    Mrs. Chase (previous Chickering Librarian)

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