The One and Only Fourth Grade Field Trip


The Tsongas Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts was visited by all fourth graders in September. We wondered why we all go, so to learn, more we talked with our teacher, Mrs. Grady. Eat a Twinkie in your comfy chair while you listen to our chat.

We wanted to share some photographs we took while on the field trip. Enjoy!

Reported By Oliver and Jackson

4 thoughts on “The One and Only Fourth Grade Field Trip

  1. Incredible job boys! This was very informative. I am so impressed by how well thought out your narration was and how well it blended with Mrs. Grady’s responses. You both spoke so clearly and comfortably. Y0u may have a future in broadcasting!! The slideshow was great. I felt like you took me there with you. Finally, I loved the addition of the music to both the narration and the slideshow. It was fun to listen to and watch.
    Jackson’s mom

  2. Well done boys! Thoughtful questions and such a fun slideshow. I really liked the music!! This was a great way to help me understand why you went to the Tsongas Museum too. Can’t wait to see the next one.

  3. Oliver and Jackson,

    Thank you for your report about the Tsongas Museum! The photos were very helpful to know what you did all day. It looks like you were role playing in costumes and looking at a lot of artifacts!

    I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as she did!
    Dr. Reinemann

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