Who Works in the School Office?


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Did you ever wonder who works in our school office, and what they do? Sit back and relax as you meet the many people who keep our school in good order.


Reported by Paige, Ashley and Bella

2 thoughts on “Who Works in the School Office?

  1. Dear Ashley, Bella and Paige,
    I very much enjoyed listening to your blog. I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes at Chickering. You girls did a great job in interviewing the staff. I liked hearing about what jobs they had before they came to Chickering. Thanks for sharing, Siobhan (Paige’s mom)

  2. Paige, Bella and Ashley

    What a great collection of interviews! You did a wonderful job cataloging all of our responses to your questions. It was interesting how everyone said they liked working with the students!

    Dr. Reinemann

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