Dribble, Aim, Shoot, Score!

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The fourth grade students were very excited about our Basketball Unit so we decided to investigate why we have Basketball from our Physical Education instructor, Ms Riordan, and then talk with some 4th grade students who play basketball on travel teams and those just learning to play basketball. We hope you enjoy our discoveries.


Reported by Cyrus, Katana, Olivia, and Zach

4 thoughts on “Dribble, Aim, Shoot, Score!

  1. I like the music in between the questions! You all spoke clearly and sounded great! I like all the questions you came up with too.

  2. Wow! That sounded so professional! We are very impressed. Keep up the great work reporters. Congratulations! Thanks Mrs. Chase.

  3. Cyrus, Katana, Olivia, & Zach…thank you for chatting w/ me about basketball. I really enjoyed our conversation.
    “Go Warriors”
    Miss Riordan

  4. Hi Cyrus, Katana, Olivia and Zach!

    Wow! I really like CSR! I hope we can have many more recordings next year! What an exciting way to “hear” the news.

    Did it take a long time to edit? Your questions and Ms. Riordan’s responses are so crisp.

    Dr. Reinemann

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