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Every 4 years, a country hosts the Olympics. At Chickering School, every 4 years, we hold the Chickering Winter Olympics. Please join us as we chat with Ms Riordan and Mrs. Hayes, our Physical Education instructors and several fourth and fifth grade students about our Winter Olympics.


Reported by: Drew, Kyle, Rico and Will A.

4 thoughts on “Chickering Winter Olympics

  1. Fantastic reporting boys! You all did a very thorough job and presented great information to us about the Olympics.

  2. Drew, Kyle, Rico, & Will A…great reporting! Maybe a career on ESPN for the four of you!
    Miss Riordan

  3. You guys did an amazing job talking about the Olympics and interviewing Ms. Riordan, Mrs. Hayes and the 4th graders. I loved it. You’ll make great reporters on TV. Have a great summer.

  4. Hi Drew, Kyle, Will and Rico

    I hope you enjoyed the Winter Olympics as much the students you interviewed! Your questions were excellent.
    Well done!

    Dr. Reinemann

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