Mr. Keohane’s Classroom

Chickering Student Radio

 We interviewed Mr. Keohane about him and his classroom to get ready for the school year. We also learned some interesting facts about Mr. Keohane. Did you know he has been teaching since 2000? I hope you enjoy listening.


Reported by Sam, Barrett, Oscar

One thought on “Mr. Keohane’s Classroom

  1. Dear Sam, Barrett, and Oscar,

    Nice job, boys! I liked your questions you asked Mr. Keohane. I was interested to learn his ideas about rewarding kids for doing the right thing. I’m in agreement, we should always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

    Two suggestions for when you work on your next project. First, when you are recording, please make sure you aren’t holding any papers or bumping up against anything. It is amazing how well the audio recorder picks up sounds; which are then very difficult to remove. And second, adding the ‘jingle’ after the conclusion nicely completes the podcast or video.

    I’m glad to see that you are all reporters again this year. I hope you are enjoying it with Ms Winters. I miss you all! I’m looking forward to your next report.

    Mrs. Chase

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