Virtual Tour of Chickering School

This project began when Dr. Reinemann asked if the Chickering Reporters would create a virtual tour of our school for the homepage on our school website.  The four of us, Amy, Coleman, Nathan and John Z. said, “We are up to the challenge!”

Working as a group, we had to decide:

  • What to film,
  • What part of each clip to use,
  • What order should the clips be in to show the school,
  • Write the script for the voiceovers,
  • Record the voiceovers,
  • Decide on music for the introduction and ending,
  • Decide on transitions,
  • Should we use text screens to divide sections of the school, and
  • Make sure we didn’t film anyone who shouldn’t be filmed

Following the viewing of the virtual tour movie, we are curious to see if you can see which part was our favorite.

We hope you enjoy the tour.

John Z., Nathan, Coleman and Amy