Dazzling Dover Days

Have you ever been to Dover Days? It is a annual event in September which occurs in Dover, Massachusetts U.S.A. It’s been going on for 32+ years. Families and friends come on that day to have some fun.

Dover Days, this year, occured on September 9, 2017 on the town common. Many nonprofit organizations use this event as a fundraiser. People come at 9:00 am – 4:00pm. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm fall day.

Image of a cute pig at the Dover Days Festival.There are many fun games and activities.  In the dunk tank, are usually teachers and parents from Chickering School (an elementary school). This is a favorite activity for students, especially dunking a teacher! For younger children, there is a petting zoo with pigs and a bouncy house. For teens and adults, there is a 5K race for those who like to run.

Before you can play games, you have to purchase tickets. Most of the games require 2 tickets to play. There are games for little kids like the lollipop tree. There are lollipops with color on the end of the lollipop stick. Each colors tell you how many tokens you get, like 10, 5, 3, 2, and 1. If you are daring, you can play the duck pool. This is how the game works, first you remove your shoes then you try to pick up a duck with your toes. On the bottom of the duck is the number of your winning tokens. The wheel of fortune is when you spin a wheel, and whatever number it lands on is the number of tokens you get. This is a popular choice for kids. There is also a bean bag toss for all ages.

Once you collect all of your tokens you can head Image of the prize table with candy, small toys, tiny purses, notebooks, jump rope, stickers and tattoos.to the prize stand to redeem your tokens. In the prize station, there are lots of candy, notebooks, pencils, toys, and many more options. Each toy or candy is worth a different number of tokens. If you want a small piece of candy, it is 1 token. If you want a large one, it would be 5 tokens. Some toys are 5 or 10 tokens, others are 15 and 20.

Do you like food? There were lots of food choices at Dover Days including cotton candy, italian ice and ice cream. If you want something savory there are also hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and french fries on the side. If you’re a bit thirsty, you can have a fizzy drink, like a soda but if you prefer not to, there is also water. If you want something without gluten then there is also some fresh salad. In addition there is a stand with cans of fresh honey. As you can see there are food choices for everyone.

Dover Days is for anyone young to old, hungry to full, … everyone! There are lots of choices for activities and of course, food. Now that you’ve heard about Dover Days, we hope you go next year. Trust us, it’s loads of fun!

Reported by Caroline and Elis