Welcome to a New Year!

As we approached the gym, we could hear the buzz of excited children and adults. The school was gathering together for our annual back toDesign Cover Winners for the School Directory. school assembly, on Friday, August 30, 2013.

Mrs. Dayal, our new principal, welcomed us back. The fifth graders made two lines to form a bridge for the new kindergarten students to walk under, as they entered the gym, while we sang our Welcome Back song. Next we welcomed the new students in grades 1 – 5, as well as, our new staff members.

The morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance were led by Caroline and Jack. Mrs. Dayal talked about the importance of taking risks when we learn trying new things. She took a risk herself, by having us sing a round that we had never done together as a group. The Chickering School Directory’s cover design winners were announced. Following this annoucement, we set our goal for the number of Blue Tickets we would earn this year. Dr. Reinemann reminded us that Blue Tickets are awarded for being caught helping others.

We closed our Welcome Back Assembly by singing This Land Is Your Land.

Reported by Rachel H. and Tommy