Chickering Chorus Rocks!

Every Wednesday, we hear “Mommy made me mash my M&M’s”. What could that be? It’s Chickering Chorus warming up for their voices. A group of 4th and 5th graders rehearse for their next concert while their classmates are doing morning work on Wednesdays. The 3rd graders practice on Tuesdays during their lunch-recess. All of their beautiful voices ring on the stage of Chickering School.

The leaders of Chickering Chorus are our very own music teachers, Ms Pappas, and when she is absent, our band teacher Mrs. Barry substitutes. Mrs. Barry plays the piano for the Chorus when they perform in front of the school and town. Ms Pappas plays the piano while the Chorus practices. We interviewed both of these teachers to see what happens and what Chorus is like.

One of the questions that we asked both, Mrs. Barry and Ms Pappas, is what is chorus like? Ms Pappas answered this question by saying what Chorus used to be like. For instance she said that Chorus used to be about 40-50 minutes long and that it was really early in the morning so sometimes they even had breakfast. She also said that the Chorus used to get to school and have time to warm up their voices and bodies. Some of the things that Mrs. Barry said, …”in one word Chorus is fun. It is a chance to learn to sing and develop your voice.” She also said you get to learn different languages and lots of different types of songs. Finally, she said that it is a chance to sing with your peers and sing different parts together as a family. The main answer that both teachers gave is that Chorus is really fun for everyone including them and they think of the Chorus as one big happy family.


Reported by Addie, Will G., and Calvin