Pumpkins in a library?

Who has ever heard of that! 

The kindergarteners started to grow pumpkins 104 days ago on September 25th. Right now the pumpkins have male flowers and have large green leaves! The vines are fuzzy and 48in long, and they are growing into each other.  The flowers are a pale yellow and and you can see the veins and moistness in the petals.

Over the last few weeks we have been interviewing kindergarten students from each class.  They had really interesting things to say for each question. The first question that we asked was “What steps did you take to be a grow pumpkins?” The most popular things were water and seeds. A couple of  students said vines, dirt and water. One student that was absent said that “Mrs. Chase just brought them in.” 

“The second question was “Do you like being a scientist?” The almost all of the answers were “yes” but their reasons were because “it is fun”, “learn new things,” and “you get to figure things out.” One kid seemed like he got up on the wrong side of the bed, because he did not want to answer any questions. 

“How big do you think your pumpkin is going to get?” was the third question.The assortment of answers were cute. They ranged from as small as “3 inches” to as large as “big as the school!”

As of right now there are no female buds. We think it is because the library is too cold, so it is hard for the pumpkins to grow. The Kindergarteners seem to have faith in their pumpkins. We don’t know if the pumpkins will grow, but we do know it took a lot of hard work to get this far.

Reported by:  Griffin, Aryana, Lucy, Andrew, and Jude