Lights! Camera! Action!

Movie Night Is a great way to get together with friends, watch a funny movie, and eat delicious pizza and buttery popcorn. Plus, not only does the PTO sponsor everything, it’s all free! So they are practically giving all the fun away! No, wait, they are giving all the fun away; laughter, food, and enjoyment for all!!

First, none of this could happen without Mrs. Kane! She is Vice-President of the Dover PTO, which is a non-profit organization that helps out our school, and she was there to help kids and watch this Students in the dark watching the moviespectacular event unfold. To choose a movie requires several steps;, she locates movies rated G  that just came out on DVD. Next, , she chooses the top 3 movies, and has  the kids at Chickering vote. The one with the most votes is played on Movie Night. Mrs. Kane  says, “Movie Night is a great way to bring students together and parents together; its a fun event to bring everyone together.”

Next, everyone needs to be fed. So what’s there to offer? Well, there is Poland Springs water, which is fresh and served cold. Then, there is, of course, movie popcorn, in an

old time popcorn popper machine! The popcorn overflows, Students grabbing a slice of pizza.and the line just grows and grows! And, finally, there are  200 full boxes of yummy, cheesy pizza delivered fresh by Bill’s Pizza! Wow, what a great selection of food to eat!

We talked with some students to learn what they thought about Movie Night and if they would change anything. The majority of them said that they loved it, they loved the movie choice and the food selections. If they could change something, they said they should allow the people to move closer to the screen, and they should chose more intense movies instead, such as a superhero movies. One student said they should have other refreshments such as soda or juice.

Students laying out blankets in preparation for watching the movie.Movie Night is a great night full of wonderful food, a funny and happy movie. So please, ask your parents, next year, to go to this wonderful night of fun;to meet friends and watch a funny, happy movie!



Reported by Audrey, Eddie, and Ryan