To Flip or Not to Flip, that is the Question?

 Every other Wednesday at Chickering we have a half-day in which we come to school at a normal time but leave earlier, at 12:15. However, the Dover Sherborn School Districts had their first flipped half-day. On this day we came to school at 11:20 and left at the normal time of 2:57. We sent out a survey to select students and teachers. Twenty-two teachers and 14 students completed the survey, which had the following 2 questions:

  • What did you like or dislike about the day? Why?
  • Should we have another flipped half-day? Why or why not?

We received many different survey results from both students and teachers, and would like to share them with you.

Teacher Response – Liked Flipped Day?
Pie chart showing 54.5% of the teachers didn't like the flipped day and 45.5% did like.







Student Response – Liked Flipped Day?

Pie chart showing 14.3% of the students didn't like the flipped half day and 85.7% did like it.







With regard to whether they liked the flipped half-day or disliked it and why, 27% of the  teachers agreed that the children were unfocused and tired. Half really enjoyed sleeping in. Two teachers had a different perspective about it. They thought the students were much more alert and energetic. 29% of the students had more time in the  morning to get ready for school. However, 2 decided to play video games, but a few “early birds” disliked waiting to go to school. The flipped half-day can also affect parents who work in the morning. It is disruptive for families who can’t acquire childcare on short notice. 14% of the teachers complained about lunch, because on ordinary long days at Chickering, they have a later lunch. 23% teachers liked the A.M. meeting, and 4 people just thought the whole day was confusing. Overall most of the children enjoyed the flipped half-day and only 4 who took the survey disliked it.

Teacher Response – Another Flipped 1/2 Day?

Pie chart showing 59.1% don't want another flipped 1/2 day and 40.9% said yes.







Student Response – Another Flipped 1/2 Day?

Pie chart showing 21.4% said they didn't want another flipped half day and 78.6 said they wanted another one.







The answers to our second question, Should we have another flipped half-day? Why or why not? had some interesting answers. 5 teachers thought the day was too disruptive for children, but 1 one teacher had a different opinion: the teacher thought the students were energetic and ready to learn. 2 students agreed with the teacher about kids being more energetic.They felt that no one was tired, and if you are tired, you can’t learn. 2 students wanted time to do things after school. 4 students say they definitely took the chance to sleep in. One student said they did not like to wait to go to school. So, in many different ways, teachers and students agreed and disagreed on whether we should have another flipped half day.

As you have hopefully seen, both students and teachers have given similar and different answers. Such as, 4 students liked to have more time in the morning, but there were some early birds who disliked the waiting! The survey brought out some answers none of us expected. What was your opinion on the flipped half-day?  

Reported by Amanda, Brendan, and Esme

Update: The Dover Sherborn School Districts have decided to have another flipped ½ day next spring, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The difference next year, only the Dover Sherborn Regional Schools will follow this schedule. The two elementary schools, Chickering and Pine Hill will both have a full-day of school. The flipped ½ day was determined to not be beneficial for the elementary students and their families.