Matt Noyes – The Marvelous Meterologist

Boom! Crash! Crackle! Bang! We needed an expert on weather noise so we called in a pro!  Matt Noyes, a weather expert on NCN TV news. It is watched by people all across New England. He visited our school to teach us and tell us about his job. He told us about his interest in weather and about when he was in high school he wanted a job that he would enjoy. He taught us about storms and the water cycle. He taught us about how to be safe during violent storms. He talked to us about different kinds of percipitation and different kinds of clouds. We did some experiments with Matt showing us how storms are created and work. Then we watched a movie about lightning and some people had some questions and we interviewed Matt here are the questions we asked.

1. What were you interested in as a kid?
2. I would be nervous before going on Television — What is it like for you before you go “live” each night for the weather?
3. What is your favorite part of doing the weather?

4. How do you know where to point your hands on the green screen?
5. Do you read your lines off a screen? If not, how do you know what to say?

To hear Mr. Noyes’ answers to the questions above, please click on the link below.

  Matt Noyes interview

 Thanks, Matt Noyes, for letting us interview you, we appreciate all the information you gave us. We hope you enjoyed our post about having Matt Noyes as a Chickering school guest.

By:Maggie, Alex A., and Avery