Mingle in the Middle School!!!

       Have you ever wondered what middle school is like or how a middle school student  feels about it.

       Well if  you have, there is a big difference between  Dover Sherborn Middle School and Chickering Elementary School.  We interviewed students about how they feel about middle school. We asked them about the lunches, lockers, classes, transition time, and after school curriculum’s, etc. 

       A girl’s perspective about the school: We interviewed  a 7th grade girl about middle school, and she says that she thinks the school lunches are better than the Elementary School’s lunches. She doesn’t always have time to go to her locker between classes, but that’s okay for her, because she makes morning binders and afternoon binders with all the things she needs for her next classes. She has time before her afternoon classes, to go to her locker and switch from her morning to afternoon binder.

       She is glad to have some of her friends on her team, so she can have more classes with them, and do homework together. She has also made some new friends, that she is now very close to, that she might not have been so close to before. She does field hockey with her friends as well. She likes her teachers, because they are very helpful, and fun to learn with. She loves the Middle School!

       A boy’s perspective about the Middle School: We also interviewed a 7th grade boy about the school, and he says that he likes the big food selection for lunches in the cafeteria.  He does like most of his classes, and he finds some of them interesting. He does not do any after school curriculum’s, but he likes the big selection: like chess club, glee club, track, ect.

We can’t wait to go to the Middle School next year!!

~ Brickley and Issy F