If you’re a teacher, is it hard to change grade levels?

Eight teachers moved grades this year at our school! We were curious to know what their experience was like. We chatted with two of these teachers, Mrs. Hickey and Mrs. Gentilli, who both moved into grade 3, to learn about their experience and teaching.

Image of new third grade teacher, Mrs. Gentilli

Mrs. Gentilli

We wondered, if they could choose a grade to teach, which grade would it be. Mrs. Gentilli shared, she is “happy teaching grade 3 and there is a lot of new material”. She also likes the American Revolution unit and the science units. Mrs. Hickey said, “If I could choose a grade to teach, it would be either grades 3, 4, or 5.” She also likes to teach in grade 3 because she gets to know where the kids start in 3rd grade and where they end up in 5th grade.

Mrs. Gentilli commented, she liked moving to 3rd grade because she already knew most of the kids from the previous year and didn’t have to go through the “get to know you stage”, when asked if it was hard to adapt to 3rd grade from second grade. She also thought it  almost felt like extending the school year.

Image of new third grade teacher, Mrs. Hickey.

Mrs. Hickey

“Not hard to adapt” from 5th to 3rd grade, responded Mrs. Hickey. The major difference between 3rd and 5th graders is fifth grade students are more mature and independent so they can do a little bit more independently.

Do you like teaching different grades? Mrs. Gentilli claimed that she does like getting to teach different grades, and has taught grades 1, 2, and 3. Also, she likes it because she gets to work with different teachers and different curriculum  in each grade. Mrs. Hickey shared that she also likes getting to teach different grades and she has been in grades 1, 3, and 5. She thinks it is good for teachers to get to teach different grades, so they can learn what kids are learning in other grades.

We wanted to know if they preferred their old room or their new room. Mrs. Gentilli prefers her new room better because it is much quieter and much cooler than her old room. Also, she gets the view of the trees instead of the kids at recess. She thinks her room is the best room in the building. Mrs. Hickey said that she likes her old room because she fixed it up over the years. She is getting used to her new room, but it is still a work in progress. She is starting to put things where they belong, trying to make it look like her old room.

Clementine and Roald Dahl books are favorite books Mrs. Gentilli likes to use with her students. She also likes to teach using Knuffle Bunny books because everyone can relate to them or has a favorite stuffed animal. She always likes to do some sort of countdown at the end of the year. A lot of things she does with the students, she can adapt from grade 2 to grade 3. Mrs. Hickey shared she can also adapt things from grade 5 to grade 3; she just has to make it easier. She likes to use picture books and her favorite books are William Steve and Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.

We were surprised to know that both Mrs. Gentilli and Mrs. Hickey like to read some of the same books that we do. They both also use some of the same strategies as each other. We hope they have a great rest of the year in grade 3.

By: Ava B. and Caroline  R.

The Daring Dinoman

Is that Dinosaur poop? It sure is. That was only one of the many dinosaur fossils that the Dinoman showed the Chickering second graders this year. His purpose for coming was to encourage children who don’t like science to enjoy it. A flashback on the past was a great experience for us fifth graders so we hope you enjoy our feedback from this very entertaining presentation.

Going back to this dinosaur presentation all the way back to 2nd grade created some memories for us. The Dinoman brought four enormous, detailed blowup dinosaurs. Each dinosaur was different in its own special way. One of the dinosaurs allowed you to go inside of it. Inside the dinosaur the Dinoman showed us many fossils. Including a bug stuck in amber, dinosaur horn, and of course the fan favorite the dinosaur poop!Picture of Bob the Dinoman talking with grade two children.

We interviewed the Dinoman after his last presentation. The first question that we addressed to him was how long have you been doing this dinosaur presentation in Chickering? He responded saying he has been doing it for 11 years in row! The next question we asked the Dinoman was how long have been interested in dinosaurs and teaching kids about them? He answered with the response that he had found a dinosaur fossil at the age of 11! He has been interested ever since. Then we asked him what is your favorite part of the presentation? He replied telling us that he enjoys teaching kids who don’t like science to enjoy it. Another question that we asked was do you only teach second grade or do you teach other grades? He said that he teaches mostly second grade and that they are very focused on dinosaurs. Our last question that we asked him was what is your favorite dinosaur and why? He answered saying that his favorite dinosaur was the triceratops because  it is so easy to dig up. Also because it weighs a lot but its bones are super tough. That is what happened during our interview with the Dinoman.

The presentation of the Dinoman was interesting and entertaining. We had a lot of fun seeing this presentation again. It is a great experience to see what the Dinoman has to say and share so we hope you enjoyed our information about such a wonderful presentation.

Reported by:  Diana, Julia, Caroline, and Emily