New Teachers



This year, two new teachers, in grades Kindergarten and First Grade, joined our school. Mrs. Parker, is a new kindergarten teacher and new to teaching; Ms Cipolla is new to our first grade team. We trust you enjoy our talk with both these teachers.


Reported by Jonathan, Mason, Sawyer and Andrew

Are There Differences Between Kindergarten & 1st Grade?

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten and first grade? Did you have any favorite activities in kindergarten and first grade? Now there are many more differences and we were curious about what they are.

We had chats with Mrs. Delany and Ms Powers about the differences between Kindergarten and 1st grade. These teachers have experience in teaching both grades, so they gave us really good answers. Our first question is: What are the differences between K and 1?

Mrs. Delany answered: The kids learn where all the important places are in the building, such as the nurses office, the cafeteria, and the specials. We teach them numbers, spelling, writing, behavior, and reading.

Image of the classroom sign outside Ms Powers' room.Ms Powers answered: They learn to be more independant; it’s their first year with the Go Binder; they need to sort out their homework and notes; the kids write themselves notes; and they have a lot more responsibility. 1st graders start to read and write in small groups. Kids learn to master reading and they read with a buddy. Ms Powers’ class studies for math, reading, writing, and spelling for homework. They get homework every night. They start to think about reading and writing. They learn why numbers are important. Finally, they learn to count to 100. The kids learn to not get shy around adults or on stage.

The second question to Mrs. Delany is: What are the +s and -s of a full day? Mrs. Delany shared: They have more time to practice what they’re learning and they don’t need to rush out of the door at 12:00. Kids and parents like the full day because students get more work done, and get to be part of the school. Ms Powers answered this question too, she shared: (Except it’s 1st grade, not a full day), They get a solid foundation of skills, and they think about reading. The kids start to learn about numbers. The students start to think about writing, and start to write persuasive, expository, and narrative essays. Those are the +s and -s of first grade and kindergarten.

The next question is: Is kindergarten and first grade hard or easy to teach? Image of classroom sign outside of Mrs. Delaney's room. Mrs. Delany said: I have to teach good citizenship to them, as well as how to line up, how to behave, how to hold a pencil, and how to read and write. For Ms Powers, its a passion for her. She also, like all teachers, loves it. It feels like a non-job. Although its a great job, she  has to work around the clock. She also has to get ready for school, as she has kids herself. The teachers feel like its both “hard and easy”.

The 2nd to last question is: Are they getting used to 1st grade and kindergarten? Ms Powers said “They’re getting used to how the classroom works. They know that if they don’t get their work done, they stay in for recess. Image of rug in library whose design is of the world.She says that if she walked away for a whole day, they wouldn’t know she was gone. Mrs. Delaney gave us her answer. They’re getting to know the teachers. They also know the specials, (P. E, library, technology, art, and music.) and the kids know their schedules. They’re getting used to riding the bus and recess. Students gets into routines for learning. They both think their getting used to 1st grade.

The last question is: Are they ready for 1st and 2nd grade? Ms Powers gave us: She thinks not right now, but probably by the end of the school year. They need to do a good job, or they come in over the summer. Mrs. Delaney gave us this: They have a lot to learn.

There are many differences between these grades, but these are what we did. Ms Powers and Mrs. Delaney gave us great answers. I hope you know the differences between 1st grade and kindergarten!

Reported by Matt, Robert, and Sam