Digging Into Rocks and Minerals

Image of a blue geode with a small, smooth blue gem.Rocks and Minerals come in all different colors and are found all around the world, but the most interesting rocks and minerals are found in Mrs. McLaughlin’s classroom, at Chickering School. When we went behind the scenes of rocks and minerals we learned it was more than just rocks and minerals by getting all the answers from Mrs. McLaughlin, our science teacher.

All the science units are about seven weeks long or 14 lessons. Fourth grade students meet two times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:45am, for science class.

Mrs. McLaughlin was a science major in college and her favorite subject was Rocks and Minerals. She took a course and studied a lot! She started thinking about being a teacher. She found a job at Chickering Elementary School in Dover, and she choose to be the science teacher for Rocks and Minerals. Being excited, she reviewed the content for the new science unit.

Geology is also taught in 7th grade at the Middle School. The large, white rock, with multiple, tiny holesRocks and Minerals unit leads easily into the study of Geology. Since the Earth is always changing, there are always new things to learn about rocks and minerals.

She loves how the students work together and share their observations. Pupils are very lucky to observe Rocks and Minerals close up and see all the cool colors, shapes and other exciting characteristics about Rocks and Minerals. Mrs. McLaughlin is waiting for the kids to become Geologists. She hopes children love rocks and minerals just as much as she does.

Mrs. McLaughlin does not find it hard to teach the unit. She actually sometimes thinks that she has to stop herself from teaching too much! Plus, her students already come in with a lot of knowledge of Rocks and Minerals that has made it even easier for her to teach the unit.

Bumpy rock with little, smooth rocks stuck to it. Also two smooth, shiny minerals.There are always new things to learn and discover with Rocks and Minerals. The best teacher for digging into Rocks and Minerals is Mrs. McLaughlin.  Lets dig into rocks and minerals!




Reported by Abby, Bethany, and Ryan

Fourth Graders “Dig” Rocks and Minerals

Fourth graders rock and roll in Mrs.McLaughlin’s class.  Recently students in Mrs. McLaughlin’s science class chose a mineral to research, they designed a poster, and presented to the class. The poster included a 2-4 paragraph essay about their mineral, a glossary of the properties of the mineral included in the essay, and 4 or more photographs. 

Students learned how minerals are used in the world. For instance, hematite ash is poisonous, magnetic, used in  jewlery, and supplies most of the world’s iron.  The students learned about the tests which geologists use to identify rocks and minerals. These tests are:

  • luster
  • light transmissity
  • magnetism
  • streak color, and
  • observations.

Mrs. McLaughlin wanted the fourth graders to know how to work independently, how to research and to teach other students about their mineral.

As you can see, fourth graders rock!


Reported by: Katie, Maggie, Laura, Melanie, and Josie