Dynamic, Fabulous Field Day 2015

Some 4th graders participating in a tug-a-war competition.“Yay!” “Go Billy!” “Yay!” “Go Sally!” “Yay!” Cheers of encouragement as well as exclamations of glee could be heard all day coming from the Chickering Fields! What could cause all that excitement? Chickering’s annual Field Day held on Thursday, June 4, 2015! Field Day is a tradition run by Chickering’s physical education department, where each grade participates in a variety of activities at a specific time. We chatted with Ms. Riordan, one of our PE instructors, to learn more about this favorite day.

We were curious as to how  and when Field Day began. “… a celebration of what has hopefully been a wonderful school year – fun, fitness, sunshine, everybody just having a great time….” She explained it began when we came into our new school which opened in 2000. Our first Field Day was June 2001. 

“The ten activity station, K through 5, do all of the same activities,” said Ms. Riordan in response to our query if all of the grades do the same activities. She explained further, “… We change them a little bit; if it’s a throwing activity, for example, the fifth graders might throw from a greater distance than the kindergarteners throw from. But the whole class activities, those are different. Like fourth and fifth grade will do kickball stations, the kindergarten will do Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean.”

Field Day is fabulous and there are not many changes Ms. Riordan would make. She states that they would keep about 4 or 5 activities, mainly the “old time favorites” … especially “tug-of-war”. But each year there are 4 or 5 new activities introduced. Some new games are “clothespin tag” and “softball speed throw”. (You get to see how many miles per hour you throw a softball!)

Her least favorite part of Field Day is “Worrying about the weather.” In her words, “Every year there’s so much planning that goes into Field Day, and lining up all the parents and parent volunteers to help out, and when it rains, it causes a problem.” She went on to say, as an example, that it rained last year, but right now, the forecast is for  a bright and beautiful day.

Ms Riordan’s favorite part of Field Day – “Seeing Smiles!” She loves seeing them all day long from 9:30am until 3:00pm in the afternoon. Students love our special day. Ms Riordan said, “Most kids say that it is their favorite part of the year.” Students in Middle and High school come back and tell her how much they loved Field Day. Would Field Day, at our school, be an enjoyment for you? To restate Ms Riordan, “Field Day is a celebration of what hopefully has been a wonderful school year.” … And, Field Day always turns out that way!



Reported by Anissa and Esme

Field Day Yea!

Field day has happened.  It had lots of crazy games and there was LOTS of water. One of the best games we all played was kick-ball.  That was one game kids really wanted to do.  Field day was one of the things that kids in the whole school were looking forward to all year.  Field Day is one of the favorite school activities that happens every year.  We hope you enjoy our slideshow of a kick-ball game with fifth graders.

Reported by Christian and Colin

Fantabulous Field Day

    Field day is aKickballn outdoor activity that we have once a year. We do lots of different sports at field day. Each class plays two games of kickball against other classes in the grade. We also play tug-a-war, a scavenger hunt, lacrosse, and lots of other fun activities. It is usually an hour and a half long. 

 We have interviewed two students, Rachel H. and Jonathon M., asking what they like and dislike about field day. If you would like to listen to their answers, please clBean Bag Tossick below.
Field Day Interviews    

Field Day is a fun activity that we students have enjoyed. Thanks for reading our blog post.


~ Tara R., Grace D., and Caroline C.