Chickering’s World Explorers

The Whites are a family who are traveling around the world. Their trip started on July 1st, 2010 and is ending on June 16, 2011. They have a White's Travelswebsite called On the website are things they have seen and done. There are photos, posts, and videos. We have been making a bulletin board in the hallway, at school, to keep the school up-to-date on their adventures. On the bulletin board is a large map showing where they have been and where they currently are, plus quotes made by Andrew and Reis, twins in fifth grade. Of course, there were some bumps in the rode, such as Mr. White hurt his knee and had to come home to heal and Reis had the flue in Eqypt.  But, they are traveling around the world, together, and are having an experience of a life time.

Reported by Alex and Maggie