Sqords Invade 3rd Grade

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image of Sqord fitness device used by third graders

A fitness device was introduced to the 3rd grade this year.  We hope after listening to this podcast, it inspires you to get out and exercise.

Reported by Anthony, Alexander, Evan Z., and Valentina

image from: < http://alaska.providence.org   > 1 March 2016

Field Day Yea!

Field day has happened.  It had lots of crazy games and there was LOTS of water. One of the best games we all played was kick-ball.  That was one game kids really wanted to do.  Field day was one of the things that kids in the whole school were looking forward to all year.  Field Day is one of the favorite school activities that happens every year.  We hope you enjoy our slideshow of a kick-ball game with fifth graders.

Reported by Christian and Colin