Leon Mobley Returns!

Bop Pop Bop Pop Bop Ba Bop Bop Pop

If you walked into the Chickering School, on October 6, 2011,  that is what you would have heard coming from Leon Mobley and his Djembe drum springing from the gym. He is a former Metco student at Chickering School and now a world renowned musician. He is excited to share his love for West African drumming with the world. We were fortunate to interview him after the assembly. Please click on the podcast below to listen to the interview.

October 2011 interview with Leon Mobley

Mr. Mobley came back, in January 2012, with 2 friends to help him teach the students in grades 3, 4, and 5. Each third grade class learned with Mr. Mobley and our music teachers Ms Pappas and Mrs. Barry, a West African folk song. With one of Mr. Mobley’s friends, the fourth grade classes each learned a West African folk dance. While each of the 5th grade classes learned on drums, a West African folk song, with Mr. Mobley and another drummer friend.

Mr. Mobley and his two friends were with us for only one week. It was challenging to learn our West African dance in one class and practice once before the final assembly on Friday. All third, fourth, and fifth graders were very excited to perform with Mr. Mobley and his friends. We hope one day Mr. Mobley will come back to Chickering School.

Reported by:

Adam, Coleman, Matty, and Will G.