Bodacious* Ms Bernard!



Ms Bernard is one of our 8 new teachers. She is our 5th grade teacher this year. Please sit back and enjoy our conversation with Ms Bernard!

Reported by: Bryan, Grant, Matt and Sophie

* bodacious – remarkable, noteworthy
Merriam-Webster Online  2 March 2017 <>

CSR – “Welcome Back”

Welcome to our first radio podcast.  CSR - logo

Today’s show is titled “Welcome Back“.

You will meet our new Principal, Dr. Nugent and a new fourth grade teacher, Ms Kerman.

Mosaic MuralWe will also tell you about our new art work in our school lobby.

We trust you will enjoy listening to our radio show!

Chickering Reporters:
Abby, Grace, Holden, Jude, and Riley

Welcome Back Song
Arrangement and Lyrics by:
Ida Pappas, our fabulous music teacher.
A special ‘Thank You’ to the students in Mr. Keohane’s 4th grade class for recording this song for us.