Natures Classroom – 5th Grade Adventure

Natures Classroom is a place where schools send kids for a week and they learn about topics that are not normally taught in school. Edible plants and hot air balloons, for example, and you do a lot of team building activities.

On the bus ride there, we watched Despicable Me. The bus ride was 1 hour 15 minutes till we arrived at Pond Side, one of two facilities at Natures Classroom, in Charlton, MA.   When we got there we received our luggage and found out who was in our cabin. In the cabins, where the boys stayed, there were 3, 4 or 5 people. The girls stayed in Center West which housed 2 wings of dorm rooms on either side of the cafeteria.

After breakfast we went to Field Group. Field Group is when you and 11 other kids go on a little hike and explore. Some of the things we did on Field Group was, visit one of the places the tornado hit. Or go to a waterfall and clean up the rocks so it flows better.

The food was great! But the bad thing was, between every meal, we didn’t have any food … no snacks! After Field Group and meals we would have transition time to fill up our water bottles and meet up with our friends.

We also played many games, such as, Screaming Toes, Camouflage, and one of our favorite games, Predator vs. Prey. At night, we had special activities, like Quite Sing and Thursday Night Live!

Not all students were able to attend Natures Classroom. There were about a dozen students who didn’t go to. They had their own ‘Natures Classroom’ at school.  Here’s their agenda.

Robotics Demonstration
Camouflage in Nature
Human Body Scavenger Hunt
Dissection of an Owl Pellet
Virtual Dissection of a frog

Going to Science Museum to see films and exibits

Masks of nature
sundial Bracelets
Microscopes/Insect Discoveries
Astronomy and Constellation Drawing

Earthquakes and Legends
Top Secret Mission
Compass Scavenger Hunt
Tent Ghost Stories (bring one if you dare!)
Egg Drop Competition
Performance of Masks of Nature
Bugle signaling another great year at Chickering Nature’s Classroom

Natures Classroom was a great experience! We hope that they will continue to send fifth graders on this adventure.  It might be nice, to include our sister-school, Pine Hill, in Sherborn.  That way we can begin to make friends with our, soon to be, sixth grade classmates in Middle School.

Reported by: Andrew F. , Lucy, and Griffin