Virtual Tour of Chickering School

This project began when Dr. Reinemann asked if the Chickering Reporters would create a virtual tour of our school for the homepage on our school website.  The four of us, Amy, Coleman, Nathan and John Z. said, “We are up to the challenge!”

Working as a group, we had to decide:

  • What to film,
  • What part of each clip to use,
  • What order should the clips be in to show the school,
  • Write the script for the voiceovers,
  • Record the voiceovers,
  • Decide on music for the introduction and ending,
  • Decide on transitions,
  • Should we use text screens to divide sections of the school, and
  • Make sure we didn’t film anyone who shouldn’t be filmed

Following the viewing of the virtual tour movie, we are curious to see if you can see which part was our favorite.

We hope you enjoy the tour.

John Z., Nathan, Coleman and Amy

History Of Chickering and Caryl Schools

In 1910, Caryl School [grades 1-6] was built in honor of  the 1st minister, Benjamin Caryl, who served as minister for 50 years in Springfield Parish [Dover]. An extension was built for Caryl School in 1931. In the same year, Dover School Committee decided to extend the grade levels, in Caryl School, to include grades 7-12. Then in 1956, Chickering School was built on Cross Street, which comprised grades K-4. Also in 1961, the School Committee decided to add a 4-wing classroom addition in Chickering School. In 1962, Caryl School became grades 5-8. A short 2 years later, in 1964, grade 4 was moved back to Caryl School , making Chickering School grades K-3 and grades 7-8 went to Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School.  Then in 1969, enrollment pressures caused Dover’s grades 7-8 to go to Dover Sherborn High School.
A terrible ten hour-blaze destroyed Caryl School on April 4,1970. It took fire fighters from 5 towns to extinguish the fire. In the same year, Caryl School’s grades 4-6 temporarily moved to Stigmatine Fathers Elm Bank property. Caryl School reopened in April 1972. Many years later, in 1994, the Town Meeting voted to send 6th graders to Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School, making Caryl School grades 3-5. Caryl School remained this way until 1999, when it was voted to build a new Chickering School to house grades K-5.  Chickering School included 30 regular classrooms, as well as rooms for music, computers, science, special education, a full sized gym, library and cafeteria/kitchen. The school was named after James H. Chickering, who was a community leader,  town selectman, and Superintendent of E.F Hodgson Company. At its opening in September of 2000, Chickering School was filled with 584 students.
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Researched and reported by: Dana and Adam