What is B.A.T.? Is it a flying mammal that eats mosquitoes at night and sleeps all day? No B.A.T. is an acronym that stands for Basic Aid Training. It is a unit taught to all 5th graders. It teaches them about what to do in case of an emergency situation. Kids learn how to make slings and splints, how to perform rescue breathing, the Heimlich maneuver, and stop minor bleeding. It’s all hands on and it’s something you can perform for the rest of your life to help and save other people.

Students say that B.A.T. is very important and all business. Teachers also think that B.A.T. is important because it is a life skill. There are true stories of 5th graders using B.A.T.. For example,  a girl was babysitting her little sister and was called upon to use the Heimlich maneuver. She did so successfully. She was mentioned in a Red Cross article. A few years ago, a 5th grader was choking on a cough drop. A classmate remembered what to do. The student performed the Heimlich maneuver and the cough drop popped right out like it was supposed to. Mrs. Bugajski and Ms Riordan say B.A.T. is very important because 5th graders spend more  time being home alone looking after younger siblings. If an Emergency situation comes up you know how to use and perform the right technique. All students agree with the teachers that B.A.T. is a life skill which can use for rest of your life.

Students say that B.A.T. is both fun and not. Half said “Yes”, because you get to work with your friends, practice hands on activities and learn together in a team. all in one. One student, for example, says that its not fun because its too more serious. Others expressed it was creepy and they didn’t like the hands on training. Missing P.E. for 8 classes was not fun. We were surprised that the answers to our question about B.A.T. being fun split 50%/50% yes/no.

When we asked students if B.A.T. was helpful in real life they all said yes for several reasons. They said it can last forever. Also they said it teaches a great skill to know. We learned that in a real emergency the first thing to do is stay calm. Plus it is helpful in case you’re babysitting because it will make parents feel more comfortable knowing that you know what do in an emergency situation. Knowing how to do these life-saving procedures just takes 8 classes, believe it or not, to know the steps.

Reported By Grace, Nora, Lucas, Tom, Patrick

Going Batty For B.A.T.

Choking Procedure“Aunt Annie, Aunt Annie are you okay?” This is what you would hear if you walked into a Basic Aid Training course(B.A.T, for short). Chickering School has been teaching this course for a while. Fifth graders take it during several of their P.E. periods. It is taught by Ms Riordan (P.E. teacher), Mrs. Gillis (P.E. teacher), Mrs. Comiskey (school nurse’s aide), and Mrs. Bugajski (school nurse). The fifth graders use mannequins to learn how to do things like the Heimlich Maneuver, rescue breathing, and how to handle injures. At the end of the unit, there is a practical test and a written test. The practical test is when a teacher gives you a situation and you have to say and demonstrate what you should do. The written test is a test with questions you have to answer. The B.A.T. course has been very useful for the students. For example, last year a student was choking during lunch and another student saved her.

Here is a podcast containing an interview with teachers and some students.

B.A.T. Podcast

Here is a slideshow of students learning B.A.T. We hope you enjoy it!

Reported by: Grace D., Caroline C. and Colin