Author-in-Residence: Jackie Davies

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Author, Jacqueline Davies, laying in a field - press photo.

Below is our interview with the author of the Lemonade War series, Jackie Davies. Our fifth grade students had the opportunity to spend four days with Jackie Davies.  So, please sit back and relax while you listen to our chat with Ms. Davies.


Reported by Abby, Alina, Rebekka, Beck, Calden, Cyrus, Matt

image: “Press Kit” jacqueline davies . children’s author. Web. 28 April 2015. <>.

A Chat with Author Jacqueline Davies

Jacqueline Davies, an author, came to Chickering School to work with the fifthAuthor, Jackie Davies, models how to use a story map to help guide your writing. grade students. She worked with each of the 5 classrooms during her 4-day Author Residence.  There are five items, she explained, which can be included in our stories: humor, mystery, dialogue, voice, and conflict/action.  She shared some strategies to assist us with our writing.  For example, draw a map of your favorite memories and circle one that you might like to write about.

We appreciate the opportunity to interview Ms Davies during a lunchtime.  She shared interesting answers to our questions.  Please click on the link below to watch our “Chat with Jacqueline Davies”.

Jacqueline Davies talking to fifth grade students about writing.

We wish to thank Jacqueline Davies for being so generous with her time and expertise by meeting with us.

Reported by: Jake, Kevin, Lindsey, and WB