Did I Just See Students In Class? It’s Night!

Are those Mrs. Atkinson’s students? It’s 7:00 p.m.! Did the class get a 4-hour detention?  Did they miss the bus? Or did they pass out from the heat?  Wait! The students aren’t breathing, blinking, or talking!  They are 2-dimensional!  It’s Open House!

Each year, Mrs. Atkinson takes photographs of each of her students to fool the parents.  She makes the faces life-size and then she laminates them. The students mount their own face on their chair. To make it more realistic, we brought in a sweatshirt from home and we put it on the back of the chair. The result is, it looks like we’re in our seats.

To help with the illusion, some students put books on their desks. Other students put their sleeves on their desks in a position, as if they were reading or writing. Mrs. Atkinson only has a short time to tell our parents about 4th grade so she asked us to help her by writing letters to our parents, which were on our desks.

To welcome the parents, Mrs. Atkinson asked each student in class, even Mrs.B., Mrs.Welch and Miss Bush, to design a paper quilt square for the hall bulletin board. Her instructions were to include a photograph of ourselves, which she gave us and to add stickers, ribbons, and drawings to help people know something about us. In the end, it looked awesome! Each student had personalized their square in their own unique way. The finished bulletin board was like a giant puzzle, only with stickers, foam shapes, and colorful drawings. Our class was definitely ready for Open House!

Reported by: WB, Julia, Lindsey, and Nathan