2018 Chickering Winter Olympics in Review

Every 4 years, Chickering School has their own version of the Winter Olympics, when the real Olympics are taking place.  Ms Riordan and Mr. Fraser, our physical education [P.E.] teachers, used our P.E. or gym equipment, to replicate the actual Olympic events. The events include:  Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Luge, Skeleton, and Speed Skating. To recognize these activities they appear as follows:

. Biathlon – children “skate” on styrofoam, then shoot a basketball or yarn ball into a basket
. Cross Country Skiing – 2 children “skiing” together
. Curling – children use a hockey stick to push donut-shaped rings into a circle
. Luge – sitting on scooters and being pushed by another student
. Skeleton – lying on the scooter
. Speed Skating – children “skate” on styrofoam

Ms Riordan¬† and Mr. Fraser asked us to review and edit about 500 photos from our Olympic events … this took a very long time! We hope you enjoy our photo review of the Winter Olympic.

Photographs by Ms Riordan and Mr. Fraser

Created by Bella, Bea, Neal, and Ronan

Wonder Why Wedesday

Chickering Student Radio


In our classroom, every Wednesday our teacher presents a questions for us to answer. To learn more about this weekly event, we talked with our teacher, Mrs. Grady. So sit back, relax, and have a cupcake while you listen to our chat.


Reported by Trystyn, Jackson and Oliver

Kindness Is Contagious

Chickering Student Radio


In March, our school celebrated kindness. We wrote acts of kindness that we have seen or done on sticky-notes and posted them on classroom doors. To learn more about this special event we had a chat with our teacher, Mrs. Grady.


Reported by: Rain Carter and Bridget Wyers