The Inspiring – Rob Surette!


Rob Surette and his Image of Rob Surette sitting on the floor with 3 Chickering Reporters, displayed behind him are several of his paintings. Left to right: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., Tom Brady, and Abraham Lincoln.Hero Art came to our school. What an amazing and inspiring presentation. We had a quick interview with Mr. Surette to learn more. We hope you have an opportunity to see his performance and art. You can see some of his art on his website. Happy Listening!


Reported by Sophie C., Bryan, Grant, and Matt. T.

A Salem Witch Trial – Revisited!



On Wednesday, February 15, 2017, Image shows the 3 men and 1 woman, actors depicting the trial of Bridget Bishop, who was convicted of being a witch.the fifth graders were introduced to the Cry Innocent performance from Salem, Massachusetts. What was it like then, why did the witch trials happen? We hope you enjoy our conversation with the actors of Cry Innocent.


Reported by Bella, Alexander, Anthony, and Antonio