Columbia Disaster

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The Columbia Disaster was a tragic space event. This event killed all 7 people on board the shuttle. Stay tuned to learn more important facts about this event!

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Reported by: Neal, Reema, Charley, and Boden

3 thoughts on “Columbia Disaster

  1. I like your blog post a lot because you because you talked about something outside of school. I think you guys should edit out all the stuttering moments. I cant what to see another one of your blog posts. You guys did great. 😃

  2. Good job at describing the story with a timeline like the 9am-9am-9am thing. I think next time maybe you can practice talking into a mic as a practice first because you guys were not always clear. I can’t wait until next time. 😁

  3. Dear Neal, Reema, Charley and Boden,
    This was a very sad event in U.S. History and especially for the Space program. Thank you for reminding us of the brave astronauts who risk their lives when they ventured out in the Space Shuttle. You did a nice job reporting on the event and documenting your resources – don’t forget even the site should be included.
    If would be helpful, in future Blog posts, to have a comment from one of the NASA control people to make it more personalized. Maybe a quote from the ceremony honoring these astronauts such as this one by Captain Robert Crippen given at the Memorial service on February 7, 2003.
    “Words at a time like this seem weak. They don’t fully communicate the depth of our feelings. The NASA family speaks much clearer with actions. The action that is being taken to find the cause of the accident, correct it and continue the crew’s journey of discovery in space is the grandest tribute that we can pay to them. I’m certain that is what they would have wanted.” Accessed 16 June 2019.
    Well done. Keep up the good reporting.
    So glad to see you all as Reporters this year.
    Mrs. Chase (previous librarian)

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