Officer Harry: One of Our Town’s Heroes

Chickering Student Radio 

We interviewed one of Dover’s police officers. His name is Officer Harry and he tells us about what he does as a police officer in our community. He tells us about the ins and outs of his job. The podcast is not just about being a police officer, it is also about doing the small things to help in the community. In his journey coming up and working in the medical field to being a police officer, he has become one our town’s memorable citizens. In the questions we asked we went deep in the mind of one of our town’s heroes.



Reported by J.B., Alex, and Charlie


One thought on “Officer Harry: One of Our Town’s Heroes

  1. Dear J.B., Alex and Charlie,
    I’m so happy to see that you are Chickering Reporters this year. You did a wonderful job on your interview with Officer Harry. You asked wonderful questions to get an idea of what he does. Truly, the Dover Police Officers are some of your town’s heroes.
    Sometimes it is interesting to learn what someone loves and don’t love about their jobs. Officer Harry did explain what all police officers like about their jobs, but i’m wondering what he might not like. Are you?
    Nice work! I’m looking forward to reading/listening to your next blog post.
    Mrs. Chase (your ‘old librarian’)

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