The Peace Walker’s Adventure

Chickering Student Radio 

We interviewed our teacher Mr. Wadness about when he walked the Appalachian trail. We interviewed him because we were curious why he walked the trail and to see all the fun stuff you can do on the trail. Sit down and relax and listen to the Peace Walker’s adventure.

Reported by Oliver and Stephen

One thought on “The Peace Walker’s Adventure

  1. Dear Oliver and Stephen,
    Wow! What a wonderful, comprehensive interview with PeaceWalker. I loved hearing how he arrived at his name for his hike. I read his book, which is in the school library. You should read it some time plus his photographs are stunning.
    I loved how you shared his entire answer … Mr. Wadness is a great person to interview because he relays so much information.
    If you interview someone again, you may want to take their photo, with their permission, or in this case, it would have been nice to put a picture of the his book on the post.
    I’m so glad you both are Chickering Reporters. I hope you are enjoying this class.
    Looking forward to your next blog post.
    Mrs. Chase (previous Chickering librarian)

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