Ms. Ulrich’s Q&A

Chickering Student Radio

This podcast is about Ms. Ulrich. Ms. Ulrich was Avery’s 2nd grade teacher. We asked questions about Ms. Ulrich. For example “What is your favorite subject to teach?” She responded… listen to the podcast to find out! We love being students at Chickering! We hope you listen to our podcast.

Reported By: Avery & Elaine


One thought on “Ms. Ulrich’s Q&A

  1. Dear Avery and Elaine,
    What a wonderful interview with Ms Ulrich! I love the questions you asked her about teaching. I didn’t know that she likes to tease Ms Cronin!
    One suggestion, to make your interview even better, is to listen carefully to the interviewee’s answers. For instance, you asked Ms Ulrich what her favorite subject to teach is. She responded with “My favorite subject to teach is Science, right now.” I wanted to know 1.) why? 2.) what did she like to teach before Science and why? Asking follow-up questions is very important when interviewing.
    It was nice to listen to your interview with Ms Ulrich. I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing your next post.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying Chickering Reporters!
    Mrs. Chase (your ‘old librarian)

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