“Everyone is welcome, everyone belongs!”

Chickering Student Radio

When we interviewed our principal, Mrs. Dayal, she told us about the importance of accepting people, no matter who they are or where they’re from. In the interview, Mrs. Dayal shows that Chickering Elementary welcomes any child. Children all need a good education, and that is what this school is here for. 

Reported by Liana and Esme

One thought on ““Everyone is welcome, everyone belongs!”

  1. Dear Liana and Esme,
    What a wonderful interview with Mrs. Dayal! I loved your questions for her about this theme at Chickering. What a lovely idea to spread to everyone at school and anyone who walks into the school.
    I have one suggestion. Try and make the volume stay the same as possible between your introducing the question and your interviewee’s answer. At times, one is much louder than the other. 😉
    What a nice job. I cannot wait to see/hear your next post.
    Hope you are enjoying Reporters!
    Mrs. Chase (your ‘old librarian’)

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