Parents Vs. Summer

Chickering Student Radio

 This podcast is about if parents like their kids going to school after summer and why! Listen to this podcast to hear what parents think. It was very fun to make this podcast. Thank you for listening to CSR.

Reported by Colin and Lila

2 thoughts on “Parents Vs. Summer

  1. Dear Lila and Colin,
    I’m so happy to hear from you via Chickering Reports. It sounds like you are having a good time.
    Your report is very interesting. I like hearing the perspectives from three parents. One suggestion for the next time, … when you are recording, try very hard not to play with paper or anything that will add distracting noise to your podcast. As you probably learned, it is hard to remove those kinds of noises since it is being recorded at the same time as the interviewee is speaking. If you remove the noise, you remove what the person is sharing; so you have to leave the noise.
    Nice job on your first podcast! I look forward to your next report.
    Mrs. Chase

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