The Halloween Contest

Chickering Student Radio

In our Halloween contest, we had lots of fun making flyers, voting on the pictures, and recording the podcast. We learned how to use Audacity and we were very creative with our thinking. Ms. Winters said that when she was a really little kid her Grandma would always give her a giant chocolate bar. Ms. Winters also likes to change up her pumpkin’s design every year. Hope you enjoy this episode.  


Reported by Sammy, Freya, Ruthie, and Abigail

2 thoughts on “The Halloween Contest

  1. Enjoyed the content and sound effect. The students paced their questions and comments well. Ms. Winters must be a happy person who enjoys Halloween. The students did a great job! Keep practicing.

  2. Dear Abigail, Freya, Ruthie and Sammy,
    Wonderful job! I loved your questions and how exciting to maybe have a new tradition at Chickering School. Next time, I would suggest including how the Halloween contest actually worked. Was it only pumpkin carving? Were only teachers involved or did the students also participate?
    I loved your music, it sounded suspenseful … don’t forget to add the music at the very end as well; it adds a finishing touch. 😉
    I’m looking forward to seeing your next Chickering Report. I miss you all, but so glad we have the blog to keep in touch.

    Mrs. Chase

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