Q&A with our Gym Teacher Mr. Fraser

Image of the engraved rock outside Chickering School showing the name of the school and year 2001.Chickering Student

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on an interview with our gym teacher Mr. Fraser. We did a Q&A with him and we learned a lot about him.We learned a lot about his favorite sports, players, and teams. We enjoyed learning about him and hope you do too.

Reported by Ronan and Finnegan

2 thoughts on “Q&A with our Gym Teacher Mr. Fraser

  1. Hi Ronan and Finnegan,
    Nice job with your interview with Mr. Fraser. I especially loved the variety of questions you asked. Remember, sometimes asking ‘why?’ when you ask a one-word answer question gives the viewers more information.
    If you interview again, try and move your chairs so that while the person is answering your question, you are looking at him. It shows you are interested in what they are saying. If you watch your interview, Mr. Fraser turned his head to look at your both. I know you are trying to read the teleprompter … looking at the person so important too – so while they are answering, looking at them will let them know you think what they are sharing is valuable.
    Keep up the good work! So glad you are both Chickering Reporters this year.
    I miss you all!
    Mrs. Chase 😉

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