Preschool Talkshow

Image of the engraved rock outside Chickering School showing the name of the school and year 2001.Chickering Student

Today we decided to interview the preschoolers and teachers. We learned a lot about what they do in class, their schedule, and what they learn. This experience was very interesting and informative of what life is like as a preschooler. We hope you enjoy this video.

Reported by Neal, Rory, and Bea

2 thoughts on “Preschool Talkshow

  1. Wow! I’m so very proud of you, Bea, Neal and Rory! What a wonderful job you all did in your video post about the Chickering PreSchool. I loved how you repeated each of the students’ answers so your audience could hear their reply. PreSchoolers can be quiet, which is hard to believe. 😉
    I hope you enjoyed using the green screen. It is really fun to use and don’t you love the teleprompter?
    If you do a similar post in the future, it would be helpful to your viewers/readers to learn a little more about what happens in a typical day in preschool in addition to their specials.
    Great job! Miss you!
    Mrs. Chase

  2. Thank you Bea, Rory and Neal! This was a wonderful post! I really liked how you interviewed different age preschoolers. They represent a big range in age but similar interests.

    Repeating their answers was helpful and I liked how you did that with your questions too. I bet their conversations with each other are very interesting.

    Dr. Reinemann

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