Chickering’s Winter Olympics

Chickering Student Radio


Every four years, when the real Olympics happen, Chickering competes in their own version of the Winter Olympics. We talked to Ms. Riordan, our physical education teacher, to learn more about this special event. We hope you enjoy listening to our chat with Ms. Riordan!


Reported by Ryan and Nicholas

3 thoughts on “Chickering’s Winter Olympics

  1. That was excellent, Ryan and Nicholas!! We really enjoyed listening to your report and how the school brought the Olympics to all the students. And many thanks to Mrs. Chase and Ms. Bernard for their assistance. Nicholas learned a lot!

  2. Hi Ryan and Nicholas!

    Thanks for sharing about the Chickering Winter Olympics!
    That was so interesting to learn where the Chickering Olympics came from! I did not realize that it began in 2010.
    I wonder what events Ms. Riordan and Mr. Fraser will come up next???

    Dr. Reinemann

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