Coooool Air Conditioning!



Chickering has been struggling with high temperatures for over a decade.   This past summer air conditioning was installed in all of the classrooms. To learn how this all came about we talked to Mr. Hill, Chairman of the Dover School Committee, who was instrumental in convincing the citizens to fund this project. Sit back and enjoy our Podcast.

Reported by James, Gavin, and Asher

3 thoughts on “Coooool Air Conditioning!

  1. Wonderful podcast! Excellent work by all involved! I really enjoyed understanding the process of getting approval and implementing the Chickering air conditioning system.

  2. James, Asher and Gavin

    Thank you for this report on the air conditioning. There were a lot of steps involved in getting the air conditioning installed! Mr. Hill is a great storyteller.

    And maybe the weather will get warmer so we can turn the air conditioning on!

    Dr. Reinemann

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