Awesome All-Stars!



Our school has a reward system for being nice to others and demonstrating good sportsmanship. It is called Chickering All-Stars. Sit back and relax as you meet our Physical Education teacher, Ms Riordan, as we talk about Chickering All-Stars.

Reported by Charlie and Chris

8 thoughts on “Awesome All-Stars!

  1. Great job, Chris and Charlie! I am so proud of both of you. I liked hearing all about Chickering All Stars. What a great interview!

  2. Hi Christopher & Charlie…
    I really enjoyed chatting with you two about our first year with grade 4 and grade five Chickering All-Stars. Outstanding job, boys!
    Thank you,
    Miss Riordan

  3. Charlie and Chris

    Thank you for explaining the Chickering All-Stars. This is a new program so lots of people do not know about it.
    I really liked hearing that the point tallies were so close! That means that many students are being nice and showing good sportmanship.

    Dr. Reinemann

  4. Awesome Christopher and Charlie!
    Your interview suggests a lot of thought, preparation, and hard work went into this.
    You sound quite professional.
    Job well done!

  5. i agree with Christopher’s mom that this showed a lot of preparation and thoughtful questions which resulted in a great interview. Congratulations to Charlie and Christopher!!!! Keep up the All Star work!

  6. Wonderful interview! Very professional. Excellent questions and insight into a great program. Super job, Chris and Charlie!

  7. Margaret: This interview sounds like it took a lot of hard work!
    PJ: I want to know who won the All Stars Award!

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