Preparing for a Fire Drill

We thought it might be helpful to have a video teachers can use to help explain to their students what to do when the fire alarm goes off at school. So, we created this video using our new video app called TouchCast. We are still learning how to use this new app. Happy Viewing!

Created and produced by: Angelina, Kelly, Margaret and Schuyler

6 thoughts on “Preparing for a Fire Drill

  1. Dear Schuyler, Margaret, Kelly, and Angelina,
    This video about “Fire Drills” is so good! I am very proud of you all for achieving such an informative video that can be used to show our classes here at Chickering that there is nothing to worry about if we all follow the procedure. I will be delighted to share this with my classes in the future. Thank you for your hard work. Enjoy the summer girls!

    Your proud teacher,
    Mrs. McLaughlin

  2. Schuyler, Margaret, Kelly and Angelina,

    Wow! You created an informative video that will be very helpful for all Chickering students, and especially for our youngest students who have not been through many drills.
    Was the technology difficult to use? You looked very professional.

    Dr. Reinemann

  3. I really liked you post about the fire drill because it’s very informative about what to do when the fire alarm goes off. I also liked how you answered common questions kids ask. If I was working on this report, I would probably add some pictures of what it looks like during a fire drill or even the sound of the alarm so people know what it sounds like. You should also probably show a picture of what exit you could use during a fire. Overall I think this blog was done very well and I’m looking forward to your next blog.

  4. You did a good job on this. I could hear you clearly and you explained it well. Maybe you could show what the fire alarm sounds like, so people know that they are having a fire drill when it comes on. Overall, I think you did a nice job on this video.

  5. Hi,
    I liked your video because you were clear about the drill. I think in your next video you should talk louder. You did a good job.

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