How to Safely View a Total Solar Eclipse

This summer, on August 21, 2017, North America will see a Total Solar Eclipse. We created and produce a short view explaining why, when and where this will occur. Also included are “how to” directions to make a viewer safely see this phenomenon.

Reported by Alia and Emma

4 thoughts on “How to Safely View a Total Solar Eclipse

  1. This was GREAT! Thank you Emma and Alia. Nice work and I will be thinking of you on August 21st!!!

  2. Alia and Emma,
    I hope the beginning of your summer is going great. The podcast you made on the solar eclipse was amazing and professionally done. I learned a lot as I watched and I never knew you could make such a great little observatory box when you’re watching the eclipse. You girls each earned a few hundred checks for such a wonderful job.
    Hope to see you all soon,
    Mr. Wadness😊

  3. Alia and Emma,

    This podcast was full of essential information about eclipses!

    Your “how to” build section and your work in Touch Cast was impressive. You looked like professionals!

    I hope you are having a good summer,

    Dr. Reinemann

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