The Magical Mrs. Majkut




The fifth grade reporters wanted to look into a typical lunch ladies’ day. As a farewell to Chickering School, we decided to really see what went on behind the tables. We hope you enjoy our tremendous interview with Mrs. Majkut.

Recorded by: Evan, Thanos, Ollie, and Tim

4 thoughts on “The Magical Mrs. Majkut

  1. Great podcast boys! I had no idea what was involved in running a cafeteria. You guys are great interviewers. Keep it up!
    Thanos’ dad.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the podcast!! As a parent of two children who have both been students at Chickering, it was lovely to hear about Mrs. Majkut on a personal level and what she likes to do outside of school. The questions were very well presented and I learnt about the guidelines etc. and it gave me a better insight as to how the menu is formed. My congratulations to the boys and good luck for Middle School – you are all so ready!!

  3. The topic was unique and the boys asked great questions to find out the mysteries back in the cafeteria. Well done and thank you Mrs. Chase for the leadership of the reporter program. The boys have grown a lot through the program.

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